Sponsoring boxxd

Creating prime value with tools

By Marketing | 10 January, 2019

A solution to an old problem

We all know the problem of trying to organise files in a directory so that others can find them in some way. Over time, the project directory gets clogged down and it is difficult for newlings to find their waý around.

Boxxd offers a standard way, “out of the box” (pun intended), of organising your files on your laptop or on your company file system.

What’s inside

It has a simple naming convention (i.e. Items, Works, Sources) which helps people to orientate themselves around a directory. It has an embedded Talk directory which contains your presentation slides and a home file for helping people to document things.

It can be used on your desktop or mobile.

It is for the “agile” user who likes to use Markdown formating for writing docs.

The decision

We think that boxxd will be of great use for our customers, so we are sponsoring boxxd.