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Building the site with Hugo

By Dev | 28 June, 2019

Making notes

After rebuilding the SensiOffice site using Hugo with a boxxd theme, we thought we would note some things down for the statistics.

What it is

  • This site is built using Hugo, a static website builder.
  • Multilanguage, EN and DE
  • It uses 12+ taxonomies

After just getting in a couple of pages, Hugo reported that there are 350+ generated pages, just for the English version alone.


  • It uses directories as a container, so that the contributors can write their stuff in a template, add their pictures to a webassets directorie, and copy the container to the contents directory. Hugo does the rest.
  • Admin area for the team, with lists showing edit and translation status.
  • Images are automatically scaled and minimised.
  • Posts can be placed on the front page by just adding a keyword in the post.
  • Lots of different show case windows on the frontpage which can be turned on/off, with or without parallax

Part of

The theme will be part of a boxxd offering

You can get in contact with us at