Products and services

1 February, 2021

Below you can gain a first insight into our product range.


Coaching has proven to be an effective medium for change within organisations leading to less stress, improved working conditions, less ill days.

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SensiOffice DevOps services are focused on supporting the product management and software development teams' targets of shorting the software development process. Topics include CI/CD and Continuous Deployment pipelines, microservices, the use of the cloud.

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myLocation Silicon Vales

Services to support you in setting up your company in the Silicon Vales area, around Berlin, Germany

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Our survey services are designed to capture as much valuable information as possible so that it can be used as a basis for decision-making.

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SensiOffice SysAdmin services are for keeping your IT systems up-to-date so that up-time can be increased, downtime reduced, and operational risk reduced.

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Via our network of experts, offering solutions to problems.

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SensiOffice WebCare services are for keeping your website up-to-date so that services can be upheld, downtime reduced, and operational risk reduced.

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SensiOffice WebDesign services are for bespoke websites, from a couple of pages to complex multi-hosted integrated solutions.

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