Supporting product delivery

By Marketing | 2 January, 2020

1. Description

DevOps is a collection of mainly IT services focused on bringing software updates faster to market.

Topics include microservices, the cloud, AWS, Infrastructure-as-Code, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD), Continuous Deployment pipelines.

2. Advantages

The benefits of using SensiOffice DevOps services: Support during capacity bottlenecks, bringing in new knowledge, setting up of new pipelines, looking after existing pipelines.

Case examples are new projects, care contracts, employee representation, 2nd level and 3rd level support desks.

3. Our expertise

SensiOffice has several years experience:

  • Operating systems; Unix, Linux, Ubuntu, Debian
  • Containers and Virtualisation; Docker, KVM
  • Databases; MySQL, Postgres
  • Scripting and languages; Bash, Python, Javascript, PHP, CSS, SASS, Composer, Terraform
  • Subsystems, networking; Apache, E-Mail, SSO, SMTP, Hosting
  • Processes; SCRUM, CI/CD, SCM, Agile, Infrastructure-as-Code, Change Management
  • Networking; TCP/IP, DNS, Routing, HA, VPNs
  • Cloud; AWS

4. Working together

Together we explore your needs and develop the optimal DevOps solutions.

We can work on site or remote.

5. First steps

Call us

UK: 0121 400 1181
US: +1 650 252 1270
AU: +61 2 8015 6891

Germany: 030 2238 1299
International: +49 30 2238 1299

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