A Value Care Service

By Marketing | 20 May, 2019

1. Focus on the value

Value Care Assist services are focused on helping organisations in the daily running of their operations.

2. Examples


Assistance with repetive tasks:

  • Internet research, address processing
  • Text formatting
  • Image processing
  • Simple 1st level customer support


Assistance with individual office tasks:

  • Back office support, text translation
  • Caring of websites
  • Presales support
  • Individual image processing
  • 2nd level support
  • Project support


Assistance with development orientated tasks:

  • Website building, programming
  • Technical system management, DevOps
  • Specialised content creation
  • 3rd level support
  • Project admin
  • Product management
  • IT security, DevSecOps
  • Cloud Management

Topics: Drupal, WP, CSS, XML, Unix, AWS, MySQL, SEO, Offshore, VoIP, VPNs, IT, Cloud.


Assistance with very complex tasks:

  • Architecture and design of systems
  • Complex / specialised programming
  • Project management
  • Agile methods and team building

Topics: Scrum Master, API design.


Assistance with executive tasks:

  • Lead of large projects
  • Representation.