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What's doing

SensiOffice is sponsoring boxxd.

Boxxd offers a simplified file container system which can offer our customers prime value.

It offers a constant way to organise files in a directory, with wiki, and an embedded talk directory where users can quickly make a presentation with plain text.

Boxxd is portable, open source and is built for future automation.

It uses standards such as Markdown formating.

And it is built for the agile user.


Idea Support

Thinking about creating a new service, a startup, testing a new idea?

We can help you get it going.

Agility Support

Should your organisation be more agile?

We can support you and your employees in discovering where there is potentialy for change.

Cloud Support

Moving to the cloud?

SensiOffice can help support moving your processes to the cloud such as with AWS.


Thinktank for solutions

Give us a topic to chew on and we can come back with a couple of proposals.

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Using Infrastructure-as-Code to rebuild your IT in minutes instead of days.

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Insights for Executives

Support with difficult decisions.

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Moving to the cloud

Support with planning, migration, configuration

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