Infrastructure as Code

Fast and secure deployment of your infrastructure

By Marketing | 12 June, 2019

Moving to the Cloud

Moving to the Cloud can bring lots of advantages such as lower costs, flexibility, use of microservices for better up-time, higher reliability, more functionality, however the infrastructure still needs to be planned and be configured. There are now tools which can help to make the “wiring” and “configuration” part more simple.

Infrastructure as Code

With the advent of configuration tools such as Terraform, the “computing center” configuration can now be stored like a software program, “as code”.

The code can be processed like other software code, allowing changes to be tracked, and if necessary, i.e. due to a wrong configuration, older versions of the infrastructure can be re-deployed.

Infrastructure in minutes

Another advantage of having the infrastructure as code, is that infrastructure changes can be done in minutes.


SensiOffice has experience in the use of Infrastructure as Code methods, helping to increase the value of its clients computing resources.