Supporting CI/CD process to Agility

By Marketing | 21 July, 2019

DevOps for faster time-to-market

“DevOps” is a set of concepts based around software development (Dev) and the operations of an IT infrastructure (Ops).

Its aim is on shorting the time an organisation needs to deliver software features and updates, via the Continuous Integration / Continuous Development (CI/CD) cycle needed for modern software development right up to Continuous Deployment (CI/CD2).

The ideal state is that the software developer should be able to develop their code and at the same time it is tested, integrated, packaged and delivered so that it can be used instantly by the customer.


DevOps is also being used to describe the role of somebody who builds and operates the infrastructure needed by the software development team.

It encompasses the traditional SysAdmin role, the use of cloud services and the building of microservices.

Cultural change

The use of DevOps i.e. CI/CD up to Continuous Deployment has an influence on core processes such as Product Management, Support, Sales, Production: People need to think differently, need to work more closely, need to acquire an “Agile” mentality.


SensiOffice supports organisations with developing DevOps practices.

Our experience covers:


  • Planning, provisioning, configuration, operation and support
  • CI/CD, Continuous Deployment (CI/CD2)
  • Single instance servers, elastic load balancing solutions
  • Virtualisation, containers, Docker
  • System administration
  • Networking, firewalls, servers, name servers (DNS)
  • Cloud infrastructure, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Infrastructure as Code i.e. with Terraform
  • Software Code Management (SCM), Versioning, Git, Jenkins


  • Ways to Agile
  • Team building

Developing solutions

Some of the solutions upon which we have worked are:

  • Integrating AWS in a continuous integration and continuous deployment pipeline.


Some of the roles which we have fulfilled in projects


  • Architect
  • Project support
  • DevOps technical role


  • Consulting
  • Coach
  • Training
  • Team building