Backup changes to files and directories

By Marketing | 12 July, 2019

Manage changes safely

Git is a “distributed versioning system” that registers changes to files. “Distributed” in the sense that the software on the desktop can be synchronized with a server.

It’s designed to manage software changes in teams, but can also be used in the office.

Its excellent in tracking changes in plain text files such as Markdown-formatted text files.

It can also be used to track changes in files and directories.

Changes can easily be added to Git and, if necessary, a previous file or directory version can be rolled back. It serves as a safety net when a file is accidentally deleted and no backup is available.

Git is free and open source.


SensiOffice uses Git for its projects.

Our experience covers:

  • Installation local Git software
  • Installation and support of servers
  • Training

Developing solutions

Some of the solutions upon which we have worked are:

  • Use of Git for website development
  • Use of Git in office environments


Some of the roles which we have fulfilled in projects

  • Project support
  • Administrator
  • Consulting